Quality and Work Safety

Health and Safety Policy

As Glorytest, we embrace the motto of ‘’Human and Works Safety First’’ and in line with this understanding, we create a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and regularly train all our employees on occupational health and safety issues.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policies;

Ensure effective conveying of quality awareness to all our personnel and ensuring the continuous improvement of the existing quality system in a way that all our personnel will contribute.
To ensure that the services provided on the basis of customer satisfaction are met to meet the conditions of the age in accordance with all legal requirements and relevant standards.
To become an integrated company with its staff by adopting a common quality perspective.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the services that we provided within the scope of all activities and to increase the effectiveness of continuous improvement activities.
To ensure that the demands of our customers are carried out in the most effective way in accordance with the quality targets.

Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy as Glorytest which conducts the all activities with the motto of ‘Clean Environment to Our Children’;

To carry out environment-friendly activities in compliance with the legal requirements and regulations related to environmental security.
Avoiding any waste to protect our natural resources.
Activate waste management with recycling awareness.
Ensure to be Environmental Conscious by conveying this properly to all personnel.
To comply with all regulations and instructions within the scope of environmental management systems