General Informations

Electricity networks are gradually overloaded as a result of increasing use and demand of emerging technologies In all sectors. While the compensation becomes a nightmare for the companies having unstable load, even the companies having stable load in the past have now difficulties to provide reactive compensation. Therefore, the period of reactive power relays measured by single-phase will be over in the close future. KAEL Elektronik has incorporated a brand-new device to the electricity sector having much more steps, quite good equipped in terms of function means and software with improved running algorithms, by combining the achievements and experiences coming along with VARkombi-12-PC-TFT-OG regarding the reactive power compensation. Facilities are provided to the users with many graphics and animation by using large 3.2 ” color LCD screen on the device. Moreover, the microprocessor in the device is running very fast and an operating system is used. This provides to reach all transactions running simultaneously. In case the blue led on the lower left corner of the front panel of the device flashes, this means it is close to the value of penalty % and authorized persons should be informed as soon as possible. This is also useful in terms of taking the attention of the end-user in case of penalty who does not know this functional issue.

Technical Data

Operating type M.V.
with SVC No
Number of steps 18
Connection 3 Phase, 3 Current
Current transformer ratio Ok
Voltage transformer ratio Ok
Voltage (phase-neutral) 1-300V oc +-0.5%
Voltage( phase-phase) 2-600V oc +-0.5%
Current 10mA-6A +-0.5%
Cosφ & Pf [+-0.000]-[+-1.000]
Active Power +-1%
Reactive Power +-2%
Apparent Power Ok
Active Energy Ok
Reactive Energy Ok
Harmonic Ok
Temperature Measurement Ok
Fan and Alarm relay Ok
Cosφ 2 for generator No
Shunt reactor Ok
Single phase capacitor Ok
Three phase capacitor Ok
Equal aging Ok
Password protection Ok
Step learning Automatic
Supply voltage 230V ac;50/60Hz; <10 VA
Display 3.2 inc Color TFT Screen
Over Voltage Ok
Under Voltage Ok
Over temperature Ok
Over Harmonic Ok
Step protection Ok
Min response time 40 msec – in fast mode
Ambient temperature -5C….+50C
Storage temperature -20C….+70C
Dimensions 144x144x37mm
Quantity in 1 box 5