General Informations

Easy to use with English menu
Advanced dynamic software
Easy to commissioning
Large color LCD screen ( 320 x 240 pixel 3,2” )
Enough number of steps needed (12 steps )
Quickly and accurately detection power of capacitors
Normal or fast operation mode selection
Connecting triphase, double-phase and single-phase capacitor
Connecting shunt reactors
Displaying the current and voltage up to the 31. harmonic simultaneously with the
Total current and voltage harmonics
Displaying the phase or phases to which connected capacitors in color on the screen
Making compensation even at low currents (min. 10 mA)
40 ms measurement, calculation and response time
Making compensation for the generator according to the second Cos Φ2 set-up
Displaying many guiding screens
Operating system is used in the micro-processor
Password protected
For balance or unbalance operatings
Ensuring equal-aging of the capacitors in the same power
Informing the user for the capacitors losing power
Measuring temperature
Following electrical parameters of three phases at the same time

Technical Data

Operating type L.V.-SVC
with SVC uyumlu
Number of steps 12
Connection 3 Phase, 3 Current
Current transformer ratio Ok
Voltage transformer ratio No
Voltage (phase-neutral) 1-300V oc +-0.5%
Voltage( phase-phase) 2-600V oc +-0.5%
Current 10mA-6A +-0.5%
Cosφ & Pf [+-0.000]-[+-1.000]
Active Power +-1%
Reactive Power +-2%
Apparent Power Ok
Active Energy Ok
Reactive Energy Ok
Harmonic Ok
Temperature Measurement Ok
Fan and Alarm relay Ok
Cosφ 2 for generator Ok
Shunt reactor Ok
Single phase capacitor Ok
Three phase capacitor Ok
Equal aging Ok
Password protection Ok
Step learning Automatic
Supply voltage 230V ac;50/60Hz; <10 VA
Display 3.2 inc Color TFT Screen
Over Voltage Ok
Under Voltage Ok
Over temperature Ok
Over Harmonic Ok
Step protection Ok
Min response time 40 msec – in fast mode
Ambient temperature -5C….+50C
Storage temperature -20C….+70C
Dimensions 144x144x37mm
Quantity in 1 box 5