Power Factor Controller,

12 steps

For LV compensation

3 Phases , 3 Current Transformers


General Informations

When traditional type reactive power controllers are used, specially for unbalanced 3 phase systems, compensation process gets more
complex and for some of the situations it is a nightmare. To overcome this problem, experience, knowledge and scientific background
are put together with the help of high technology and VARkombi-PC, 3 phase evaluative reactive power controller, is developed by
KAEL Elektronik.
The most important properties of VARkombi-PC that make it different from traditional type controllers are;
1- Measuring current and voltage samples from all 3 phases, calculating active and reactive powers and storing consumed energies,
2- Instead of reaching to target tanΦ value, compensating the system as much as close to real axis between the capacitive and
inductive bound values. (Bound values can be changed by the user when desired),
3- Automatic C/k calculation,
4- Automatic learning and monitoring of capacitor bank powers (capacitor bank powers can be set by the user when desired. Device
also detects any false setting and corrects it by its own as it operates),
5- Dynamically adjusting of normal region boundaries and capacitor switching on&off times with respect to consumed reactive/active
6- Extending capacitor bank power life by storing switching on&off times separately for each bank,
7- Automatic learning of current transformer polarities even if (k,l) is connected in reverse direction,
8- Calculating current reactive power value and directly switching on or off the most suitable group instead of sequential switching,
9- Making system tracking and fault detection easier with many hand alarms,

Technical Data

Operating type L.V.
with SVC No
Number of steps 12
Connection 3 Phase, 3 Current
Current transformer ratio Ok
Voltage transformer ratio No
Voltage (phase-neutral) 25-300V oc +-0.5%
Voltage( phase-phase) 40-600V oc +-0.5%
Current 50mA-6A +-0.5%
Cosφ & Pf [+-0.000]-[+-1.000]
Active Power +-1%
Reactive Power +-2%
Apparent Power Ok
Active Energy No
Reactive Energy No
Harmonic No
Temperature Measurement Ok
Fan and Alarm relay Ok
Cosφ 2 for generator No
Shunt reactor No
Single phase capacitor Ok
Three phase capacitor Ok
Equal aging No
Password protection No
Step learning Automatic
Supply voltage 230V ac;50/60Hz; <10 VA
Display LED Display
Over Voltage Ok
Under Voltage Ok
Over temperature Ok
Over Harmonic No
Step protection Ok
Min response time 1 sec
Ambient temperature -5C….+50C
Storage temperature -20C….+70C
Dimensions 144x144x37mm
Quantity in 1 box 5