Power Factor Controller,

6 steps

For LV compensation

1 Phases , 1 Current Transformers

General Informations
 Easy to use with English menu
Advanced software
Easy to commissioning
Color LCD screen ( 320 x 240 pixel 2.4” )
Enough number of steps needed ( 6 steps )
Quickly and accurately detection power of capacitors
Total current and voltage harmonics, THD-I and THD-V
Making compensation even at low currents (min. 10 mA)
Operating system is used in the micro-processor
Password protected
Measuring temperature
Following electrical parameters of three phases at the same time

Technical Data

Operating type L.V.
with SVC No
Number of steps 6
Connection 1 Phase, 1 Current
Current transformer ratio Ok
Voltage transformer ratio No
Voltage (phase-neutral) 1-300V oc +-0.5%
Voltage( phase-phase) No
Current 10mA-6A +-0.5%
Cosφ & Pf [+-0.000]-[+-1.000]
Active Power +-1%
Reactive Power +-2%
Apparent Power No
Active Energy No
Reactive Energy No
Harmonic No
Temperature Measurement Ok
Fan and Alarm relay Ok
Cosφ 2 for generator No
Shunt reactor No
Single phase capacitor No
Three phase capacitor Ok
Equal aging No
Password protection Ok
Step learning Automatic
Supply voltage 230V ac;50/60Hz; <10 VA
Display 2.4 inc Color TFT Screen
Over Voltage Ok
Under Voltage Ok
Over temperature Ok
Over Harmonic Ok
Step protection Ok
Min response time 1 sec
Ambient temperature -5C….+50C
Storage temperature -20C….+70C
Dimensions 144x144x37mm
Quantity in 1 box 5