•  Easy use with menu
  •  Improved dynamic software
  •  Ability to enter current and voltage transformer rates
  •  True RMS
  •  Voltage, current and harmonic protection
  •  Multiple alarms
  • Password protection
  •  3P&4W, 3P&3W, ARON Connection

Technical Data

Connection Ok
Voltage: V1, V2, V3 1-300 Vac;0,5 class
Voltage: V12, V23, V31 2-600 Vac; 0,5 class
Current:I1,I2,I3,I nötr 2mA-6A;0,5 class
Active Power:P1,P2,P3 1 class
Reactive Power:Q1,Q2,Q3 2 class
Cosφ1,Cosφ2,Cosφ 3 [+-0.000]-[+-1.000]
Imp-exp. Active Energy kWh 1 class
Imp-ex Reactive Energy kVARh 2 class
Demand ve Peak Ok
Total Harmonic:THD ve THD-V Ok
Voltage Unbalance U% Ok
Current Unbalance I% Ok
Wave Form Ok
Harmonics THD ve THD-V
Graphic reports No
ALARM REPORTS according to No
Second energy meter for Generator No
Relay output: max. 3A/240 Vac 2 piece N.O.
Digital input 5-24Vdc max. 30Vdc 30Vdc 2 piece
Energy pulse output 2 piece
Programmable Analog output No
Memory internal Memory
Working time Ok
Password protection Ok
Ambient temperature -5 C….+50 C
Storage temperature -20 C….+70 C
Display LED Display
Current Transformer X/5A
Current transformer ratio 1….5000
Voltage transformer ratio 1….4000
Auxiliary supply voltage 85-265 Vac <4VA
Dimensions 96x96x56 mm
Quantity in 1 box 6


  •  Voltage (V1N, V2N, V3N ve V12, V23, V13)
  •  Current ( I1, I2, I3, ΣI )
  •  Power Factor (PF1, PF2, PF3)
  •  cosΦ values for the phases (CosΦ1, CosΦ2, CosΦ3 )
  •  Frequency (Hz)
  •  Active Power ( ΣP)
  •  Inductive Reactive Power [ ΣQ(ind) ]
  •  Capacitive Reactive Power [ ΣQ(cap ]
  •  Apparent Power (ΣS)
  •  Active Energy (ΣkWh)
  •  Inductive Reactive Energy (ΣVARh(ind) )
  •  Capacitive Reactive Energy (ΣVARh(kap) )
  •  Neutral Current ( I(N) )
  •  Total harmonic distortion for current and voltage (THD-V ve THD-I)
  •  Peak and Demands

Inputs & Outputs

  •  Relay Output ( 2pcs)
  •  Pulse Output ( 2pcs)
  •  Digital Inputs ( 2pcs)
  •  RS-485 MODBUS-RTU