ke-DP-02 1 Phase Voltage and Current Protection Relay x/5

General Informations
In one phase systems, it measures RMS values of AC voltage, current and system frequency sensitively. ke-DP02 has many features.Those are;
– Over Voltage Protection (o – U)
– Under Voltage Protection (u – U)
– Over Current Protection (o – C)
– Under Current Protection (u – C)
– Over Frequency Protection (o – F)
– Under Frequency Protection (u – F)
When device is turn on if its adjusted voltage and frequency in its interval relay switch on. If any of error occurred at the end of adjusted time relay switch offits contact. When system return normal values, at the end of time out relay switch on.

Technical Data

3 phase 3P&4W Connection No
1 phase 1P&2W connection Ok
Voltage Ok
Current(A) Ok
Frequency Ok
True RMS Ok
Phase sequnce control No
Phase failure Ok
Over Voltage Protection 235-275 V
Under Voltage Protection 180-225 V
Voltage Unbalance Protection No
Over Current Protection Ok
Under Current Protection Ok
Current unbalance protection No
Over/Under Frequency protection 40-70 Hz
Error locking (LATCH) function Ok
Current transformer ratio Ok
2-100A No
Relay output 1 adet
Ambient temperature -5 C….+50 C
Storage temperature -20 C….+70 C
Supply voltage 230 Vac<3VA
Dimensions 3M
Quantity in 1 box 16