The device monitors the total values energy

(ΣkWh) of the three phases by metering AC

RMS mains voltage and RMS mains current.

Current and Voltage transformer primer value can be adjusted

with the parameter menu. Our device is a cost-effective solution and has all the essential parameters, especially for automation firms working in the area of energy saving, mains analysing and product cost

analysing. The device can be integrated into scale systems easily by using MODBUS-RTU with RS485

port. With the data table(register table), every three phases – neutral voltages,phase-phase voltages,

currents and neutral current, frequency, power factors, power factor distortion, import and export active

power, reactive power, active and reactive energy, amplitude and % value of voltages and currents of

each odd harmonics from 3. to 31., and zero cross angles of three phases voltages and currents

can be monitored and analysed.

Technical Data

Connection 3P&4W
Active Power:P1,P2,P3 No
Reactive Power:Q1,Q2,Q3 No
PF1,PF2,PF3 No
Imp-exp. Active Energy kWh 1 class
Imp-ex Reactive Energy kVARh 2 class
Demand ve Peak No
Energy pulse output No
Password protection Ok
Ambient temperature -5 C….+50 C
Storage temperature -20 C….+70 C
Display LED Display
Current Transformer Harici 100 A
Current transformer ratio 1
Voltage transformer ratio 1….4000
Auxiliary supply voltage 230 Vac <4VA
Dimensions 105x90x59 mm
Quantity in 1 box 12


: The device enters the parameter menu by pushing the SET button for 3 seconds. With the direction buttons, it is possible to go up and down along the parameter menu. After pushing the SET button, the value can be increased or decreased with the direction buttons. By pushing the direction buttons longer, the value increases or decreases faster. With the SET button, the adjusted value will be recorded in the memory
Current: Current Transformer Primer Value ( 5 …..10000 / 5A ) Current trend. primer value is adjusted. Ex: For 500 / 5A current trans. ,500 is entered. Voltage: Voltage Transformer Ratio ( 1 …..1000 ) If there is no voltage transformer, this value must be 1. This is also the factory default value. Device No: The device number can be adjusted between 1-255. Baud rate: 2400-4800-9600-19200-28800-38400-57600-115200 Parity: no-odd-even Stop Bit: 1 – 0.5 – 2 – 1.5 Clear: yes (clear), no (not clear) quit: quit from parameter menu