DP-01-72 3 Phase Voltage and Current Protection Relay x/5

General Informations
In three phase systems, it measures RMS values of AC voltages, currents and system frequency sensitively. Using up direction button(Select) phase-neutral voltages and phase-phase voltages monitor sequentially.
DP01-72 has many features.
Those are;
Phase Failure (seq)
– Phase Sequence (seq)
– Over Voltage Protection (o – U)
– Under Voltage Protection (u – U)
– Voltage Unbalance (asymmetry) Protection (unb)
– Over Current Protection (o – C)
– Under Current Protection (u – C)
– Current Unbalance (asymmetry) Protection (ubC)
– Over Frequency Protection (o – F)
Under Frequency Protection (u – F)
When device is turn on if its adjusted voltages and frequency in its  interval and if phase sequence is correct relay switch on. If any of error occurred ( except phase failure and phase sequence )
at the end of adjusted time relay switch off its contact. When system return normal values, at the end of time out relay switch on.

Technical Data

3 phase 3P&4W Connection Ok
1 phase 1P&2W connection No
Voltage Ok
Current(A) Ok
Frequency Ok
True RMS Ok
Phase sequnce control Ok
Phase failure Ok
Over Voltage Protection 390-460 V
Under Voltage Protection 300-370 V
Voltage Unbalance Protection %5-%20
Over Current Protection Ok
Under Current Protection Ok
Current unbalance protection %5-%40
Over/Under Frequency protection 40-70 Hz
Error locking (LATCH) function Ok
Current transformer ratio Ok
2-100A No
Relay output 1 adet
Ambient temperature -5 C….+50 C
Storage temperature -20 C….+70 C
Supply voltage 230 Vac<3VA
Dimensions 72x72x80mm
Quantity in 1 box 10