DAM-C-72 AC Universal Ampermeter

General Informations

The device can be used in electrical panels, laboratories, and test devices. With the assistance of a current transformer, it measures the AC passing through the system in terms of the Amper unit. When the current exceeds the adjusted over current or goes below the adjusted under current values the device starts to count for the adjusted delay time and after that, it changes Re1 or Re2 outputs contact position. After energizing the device, “dA -c “ the message appears on its screen for 2 seconds and then it starts to show the current value.

■ The current transformer ratio can be adjusted between 5/5 and 10000/5 using the touch buttons on the front panel of the device.

■ Stores the maximum demand value and the peak value on its memory and keeps these values even if the energy supply goes off.

■ When the measured value of the seconder current reaches 5,1 A, “ OvEr” the message starts to flash on the screen to warn the user that the value of the current exceeded the limit values

Technical Data

Relay output 2
Current Ttransformer 5-10000 Ampere Ok
Directly Current Ttransformer 2-100 Ampere No
Over Current Can Be Set 1
Under Current Can Be Set 1
RS485 – MODBUS RTU RS485, Modbus – Rtu No
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Ambient temperature -5 C….+50 C
Storage temperature -20 C….+70 C
Supply voltage 230 Vac
Dimensions 72x72x80 mm
Quantity in 1 box 10


Operational Voltage (Un) : 230Vac

Operating range : (0,8-1,1) x Un

Frequency : 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption : < 4VA

Measurement Sensitivity : %1 +1 digit

Current Transformer Ratio : 5/5……….10000/5 A

Display : 4 Digits Led Display

Contact Current : Max. 3A / 240Vac

Protection Class : IP 20

Terminal Protection Class : IP 00

Operating Temperature : – 5 °C …. + 50 °C

Operating Humidity : %15 …… %95

(without condensation)

Installation : to the panel tap

Dimensions :DAM – C – 96 ( 96x96x80 mm)

: DAM – C– 72 ( 72x72x80 mm)

: DAM – C – 48 ( 48x48x50 mm)