BT-8000 Battery Impedance Meter


♦ The Battery Tester is designed for measuring the internal impedance and open circuit voltage of the secondary battery including Nickel-metal hydride battery ( NiMH), Nickel-cadmium battery(NiCd), Lithium-ion battery(Li-ion), Alkaline battery and lead-Acid battery.

♦ AC four-terminal method to measure the internal impedance by eliminating lead impedance and contact impedance to get accurate results.

♦ Multi-display to show the internal impedance, voltage and clock of the battery simultaneously.

♦ It has 99 sets of composite comparator functions, which can be set at impedance and voltage values to get the reliable detection of battery deterioration.

♦ Pin type leads, which can easily contact the battery electrodes supplied as standard to get a more accurate 4-terminal measurement.


♦ Display: LCD display and LEDs (comparator output).
♦ Sampling rate:2 Second.
♦ Open-Circuit terminal voltage: 7.0Vp-p max.
♦ Input over range: the screen displays “OL”.
♦ Low battery detection
♦ Auto power off The meter will turn off automatically after about 15 minutes of inactivity, allowing the user to set the
♦ inactive time (01~99 minutes).
♦ Comparator settings: High and Low limits of the comparator impedance and voltage.
♦ Number of comparator settings: 99 sets.
♦ Manual and auto continuous Data logging: 9999 sets.
♦ Dimension: 240mm(L)x170mm(W)x66mm(H).
♦ Weight: about 1500g. (Including battery)


♦  BT-8000 is an ideal tester for automotive, UPS maintenance and telecommunication applications.
♦  Quick response time.
♦  Simultaneously display the results of battery Impedance, and voltage measurements.
♦  Support the comparator function to rate the conditions as pass, warning or fail.

Electrical Specifications:(23°C±5°C, below 80% RH )

Resistance measurements
•Temperature coefficient : ±(0.1% rdg+0.5digits)/ °C. 

 •Measurement current frequency: 1KHZ±30HZ. 

 •Measurement open-circuit terminal voltage: 7Vp-p

Range  Resolution  Measurement current  Accuracy
4mΩ  1μΩ  150m A approx.  ±(1% reading+20digits)
40mΩ  10μΩ  150m A approx.  ±(0.8%reading+10digits)
400mΩ  100μΩ  50m A approx.
4Ω  1mΩ  15m A approx.
40Ω  10mΩ  1.5m A approx.
400Ω  100mΩ  150μ A approx.


Voltage Measurements
Temperature coefficient:(±0.1% rdg ±0.5digits)/°C
Range  Resolution  Accuracy
6V  1mV  ±(0.1% reading+6digits)
60V  10mV


Temperature measurement
Measurement Range  Resolution  Accuracy






External T10 adapter and K-Type temperature measurement
Measurement Range  Resolution  Accuracy







DC Current (DCA) measurement (optional)
Range  Sensitivity  Resolution  Accuracy
700A  0.6A~700.0A  0.1A  ±(2.0% reading+5digits)