Astro-05 Astronomical Time Switch

General Informations

ASTRO is a digital time switch that calculates the sunset,sunrise and prayer times by using coordinates and real time clock. It operates according to the program setting and it has no need for a photocell sensor. Device could be used as astronomical, prayer or digital time switch. ASTRO has two reserves to protect the real time clock and calender against power outage. For long term reserve there is CR2032 battery. If the device is powered, battery life is approx. 5 years. When the battery life is expired,the user is able to replace the battery easily. Super capacitor is used for short time power failures. It supplies the device for 3-7 hours. In this case battery is not used, so battery level is conserved.

Technical Data

Working mode Time-Astronomical-Pray
Number of programs 56
Contact Current 8A
Relay output 2 B-M Contact
Astronomical time function Ok
Time function Ok
Prayer Time function Ok
Program installation with remote Ok
Date-Time installation with Load Ok
Additional Reserve SUPERCAP Ok
Battery replacement Ok
PIN Password protection Ok
Automatic Winter-Summer Ok
Holiday mode Ok
Manual control Ok
OFFSET value Ok
Display backlight Ok
GPS Modem No
Automatic Date-Time No
Coordinates autosearch No
Application area indoor and outdoor
Ambient temperature -5 C….+50 C
Storage temperature -20 C….+70 C
Display LCD
Supply voltage 230 Vac<3VA
Dimensions Modul
Quantity in 1 box 26